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Casino you can either have the money and the hammer or you can walk outta here you cant have both duration. Carnegie finds out about the book and sends his henchman, redridge to get it but eli has already gone. Do not proceed if you dont want to find out the ending of the movie. See more ideas about thelma louise, the book of eli and geena davis. Eli wears dark sunglasses, as blind people often do. Eli bumps the car door with his bag to gauge exactly where it is. Mila kunis character solara appears to be the cleanest human in the film aside from her mother. After carnegies blind mistress claudia brings eli food and water, carnegie orders her daughter solara to seduce eli, but he rebuffs her. With book of eli, which is capped with one of hollywoods best twist ending in years. Opportunities catholic parishgroup giving tributes friends.

Spoilers every clue in the book of eli that explains the. The book of eli 2010 elis final prayer scene 1010 movieclips. Eli starts heading west again only to find solara following him. The book of eli street gangsters attack to solara 10. Realizing eli is a literate man like himself, carnegie forces him to stay the night under guard.

In this scene we see the main character eli with his companion solara in what looks. Solara sees eli has a book, and he offers to share his food, saying grace before they eat. Eli ties a friendship with carnegie stepdaughter solar mila kunis and get to know carneigies plans to take control of the region through fear. And sometimes, you see a movie that is so aggressively, stupidly did that youre just like, fuck me, that is a lot of di. Eli does not notice the car with the skeleton until he hears the sound of rattling metal. Sep 29, 2016 perseverance, strength, courage, faith. The clip were using is from the tailend of the movie and features a badly. The book of eli 2010 denzel washington fight seane in hindi dubbed part 2 duration.

Video with pics of solara mila kunis in the book of eli. And now the chase is on, will eli and solara escape or will they be caught. As recounted by carnegie and eli, bibles are scarce due to a largescale book burning after the falloutmany irrationally blamed christianity as a cause of the war. Book of eli caps wasteland saga with a twist wired. Elis line fits my story and the evangelical churchs story.

The only reason we put eli on our queue is due to so many friends and. The book of eli 2010 ending spoiler movie mistakes. Redridge wants solara and makes a deal with carnegie to get the book in exchange for her. Solara, elis friend, pulls alongside and helps him, giving eli a ride. Eli arrives at a ramshackle outpost in what who used to bee california, and end up in trouble with the selfish tyrant carneigie gary oldman who rule this city and its inhabitants with an iron hand. A few observations about the book of eli welcome to the mind. By the end of its opening fourday holiday weekend it grossed. Carnegie gary oldman steals the bible but finds that the book is in braille and cant read it. Heeley freddy silva manisha gambhir harkins ruah bull john r. Sometimes di digital intermediate, that is, the computeraided manipulation of film to alter the color balance and saturation of the footage works pretty well. My chosen movie for that saturday afternoon was the book of eli, directed by the. The biggest movie mistakes of the decade the 20 biggest friends mistake pictures the 20 biggest. You know, you say youve been walking for thirty years, right. Denzel stars in the postapocalyptic movie, the book of eli image source.

The book of eli is a 2010 american postapocalyptic neowestern action film directed by the. Kunis said that it was solaras passion to live that attracted her. Have we been so zealous to protect the bible that we have failed to live its god. The book of eli 2010 denzel washington as eli imdb. Thirty years after war turned the world into a wasteland, a lone warrior named eli denzel washington marches across the. Solara sees eli has a book, and he offers to share his food, saying grace before. The book of eli was scripted by gary whitta, a comic book writer and graphic.

In book of eli, mila kunis, as solara, toughs out a wasteland journey. Solara is a fictional character created by electronic arts, in conjunction with marvel comics, in their first attempt to bring marvel heroes to a video game platform, marvel nemesis. He told solara that hes been reading the bible everyday. Elijah recites the entire bible from memory to record keepers at san quentin prison. The clip we re using is from the tailend of the movie and features a badly. Like those movies, book of eli envisions a pitiless landscape denuded. Eli and solara survive as promised, and the pair end their journey in. The book of eli was directed by twins, albert and allen hughes. In the scene where solara hijacks the car, why does the man who had elis sword in him stop her.

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