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The latest car and driver issue with the rendering of the midengine 2017 corvette zora on the cover also features the results from the magazines annual lightning lap competition where the latest stockunmodified offerings from selected manufacturers are raced against the clock at virginia international raceway. Of course, what goes up must come down, and coming down. The camaro z28 put its money where its mouth is and put up a blistering time in car and drivers annual lightning lap test at virginia. Henceforth, you will find the z28 cataloged under the heading warrior, medieval.

Car and driver when we started lightning lap years ago, a 2006 ford gt claimed the fast time with a 3. Car and driver names camaro one of the 10 best cars for 2017 discussion in 6th gen camaro 2016. A ford mustang v6 matched the nissans time in 2011, but its the chevy pony car that finally dethrones them both. Heres the link to all of the car and driver lightning lap times. Both models turned in very impressive performances. In the 2011 lightning lap, the sti beat the wrx by 2. Car and driver returns to vir for lightning lap no. Car and driver just released the videos and article for 2017 lightning lap. The ss was the top horsepower camaro aside from copo and yenko camaros. The annual lightning lap roundup from car and driver is easily one of our favorite car magazine features of any of the past five. In the eighth installment of the car and driver lightning lap the allnew m4 and m235i took to the tarmac of virginia international raceway to see how they measure up to the competitionpast and present the competition classes in the lightning lap are set up by price range. Camaro zl1 1le faster than ferrari 488 around race track. Its best drivers car 2016, camaro versus the world. Readers whined that lightning lap isnt relevant to them, so here we are, lapping a camry.

The years fastest street cars on americas toughest track. If this doesnt follow suit with the z28 in price degradation on dealer lots, then this will have a high trade in value like another poster mentioned. At car and driver magazines most recent annual lightning lap racetrack test, this 650horsepower camaro posted a lap time quicker than just about. Ford mustang shelby gt350r at lightning lap 2016 duration. The ss 1le beat a 2017 r8 v10 plus, both running on the same weekend. See the z28 lightning lap results at the following link. Camaro 1le, focus rs nearly beat 707hp charger hellcat in. Corvette stingray runs car and drivers lightning lap but. The 2014 chevrolet camaro z28 performed beyond expectation at car and driver magazines eighth annual lightning lap. Car and driver took the v8 camaro 1le out for a track drive and goes what car it almost comes close to.

Chevrolet camaro z28 at cd lightning lap gm authority. The transformation required only a few years, but it is complete. Weve got a gallery of shots from the event below provided courtesy of car and driver and a list of all. Discussion in general automotive topics non 6th gen mustang. Chevrolet camaro zl1 1le hot lap at vir lightning lap. You can never really tell what is going on with the lightning lap unless they use a pro driver to help make things consistent.

Chevrolet camaro zl1 hot lap at vir lightning lap 2017 car and driver. The camaro z28 put its money where its mouth is and put up a blistering time in car and drivers annual lightning lap test at virginia international raceway. Car and driver pits the 6th gen camaro against 17 competitors. Both the ctsv and the atsvs handily beat the old v2. The camaro zl1 just destroyed the mustang gt350rs nurburgring time.

Camaro 1le results from 2016 car and driver lightning lap test at vir. Car and driver names camaro one of the 10 best cars for. Of course, corvette z06 runs away from the field, beating every car ever except for last years porsche 918, which is in an entirely different price. Too bad they didnt offer the carbon ceramics from the z28 as an option perhaps for those guys who plan on tracking it. Discussion in generation v discussions srt coupe, gts, gtc, ac started by bruce h. As they note, in the world of camaros, the ss 1le is indeed an exotic. Where the track tells the truth the hottest cars on. Featured autos for sale near you right now car and drivers yearly lightning lap test results are in, and to say the new camaro 1le put in a good showing would be the understatement of the year. Car and driver lightning lap camaro zl1 1le damn fast.

I have a 1969 ss camaro that i have in the barn getting ready to restore so as a camaro lover gm needs to do it the right way. It beat the 2016 ctsv that cadillac ran the year before. Even the 4cyl camaro running with the 400hp dct audi rs3, and the zr1. How else can a 5th gen camaro z28 be within 1 sec of a viper ta. The z28, before our very eyes, has become a museum piece. Used 2015 chevrolet camaro z28 coupe rwd for sale with. Car and drivers annual lightning lap around virginia. Today, that lap doesnt even land in the fastest third of a record book that. Car and drivers annual lightning lap around virginia international see how your favorite cars did. This year, car and driver featured the chevrolet camaro zl1 1le as. Chevrolet camaro z28 a medieval warrior on the path to a rocking chair from. The camaro v6 1le does not merely claim the fastest ll1 time in the 10year existence of lightning lap, it blasts the old record with eight sticks of dynamite. Camaronews the lap times from the 2016 car and driver annual lightning lap test from virginia international raceway vir are in, and heres how the new 1le both v8 and v6 compared. Car and driver tested 25 cars of various price points to see how they did at a closed track.

Search over 16,800 listings to find the best local deals. Harking back to the original, 67 camaro z28, the 15 is a purposebuilt track weapon. Also cant wait to see motortrends drivers car article as randy. Its not like he gets to dictate the winner, but him gushing over the gt350r makes it the front runner imo. Previous story 2015 audi tt driver being an idiot on the highway video. The special models always were expensive, even back in the day, young people then couldnt exactly afford them as they cant now.

See how the many versions of fords mustang and chevrolets camaro have performed in car and drivers lightning lap track test at virginia international raceway, lap time by lap time. If i was buying gm, a stripped z06 is what i would get. Related items 2009 camaro 2010 camaro 2011 camaro 2011 camaro convertible 2011 camaro. At least its a v6 camry, a topoftheline xse with sexy 19. Every camaro and mustang lap time from our annual lightning lap track test. Camaro6 camaro 1le results from 2016 car and driver. What started as a handful of car and driver employees with a couple of toolboxes has.

Each of our five drivers is assigned vehicles to lap, but we crosscheck our work by cycling into one anothers cars. September 18, 2016 grrrowl car news leave a comment. Car and driver m4 and m235i lightning laps bmw car club. See how mustangs and camaros have performed in car and driver s lightning lap track test at virginia international raceway, lap time by lap time, since 2016.

Chevrolet camaro zl1 hot lap at vir lightning lap 2017 car. If you havent already seen the lap time we wont ruin it for you. The z06 recorded the secondfastest time in the nineyear history of car and drivers lightning lap test. Not sure if the times are released yet for the car and driver 2016 lightning laps but it looks the 2017 1le is at 2. Car and driver lightning lap 2014 results page 3 ford. The camaro 1le camarosix is a power boss contender. Camaro z28 sets blistering time in car and driver lightning lap test. Camaro 1le results from 2016 car and driver lightning lap. I thought it would be faster than the corvette or a little closer to the z28. Then at laguna seca the z28 is almost 4 seconds slower than the ta. We are very proud of the relationships and friendships that we have built with our customers and the fact that our facility is visited constantly by local. Car and driver organizes the lightning lap classes by the pricing of the. Lightning lap by patrick rall on september 12, 2016 at 4.

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