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If youre just joining us, were talking about the new memoir confessions of a sociopath with author m. Confessions of a sociopath opens on a disturbing scene. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Thomas, a selfproclaimed sociopath, offers readers an inside glimpse into the minds of sociopaths everywhere. Appallingly, the sociopathic character appears breathtakingly close to the economists model of the rational decisionmaker, meticulously calibrating riskreturn tradeoffs for all of lifes decisions. Read confessions of a sociopath for free here i thought i should upload this book, as it answers a lot of questions that i have seen asked here. I can think of far more informative books about sociopathy than this.

Selfhelp be a sociopathor just act like one prospero. Jun 16, 20 in confessions of a sociopath, thomas selfidentifies more as a sociopath than by my gender or profession or race. Dr mark freestone a senior lecturer in psychiatry at queen mary university of london and a consultant on the tv series killing eve. I want to, maybe, risk being a little freudian here and go back to your childhood. Thomas, 9781447242734, available at book depository with free delivery worldwide. Most of us don a poker face at one time or another to hide our emotional fragility. Just what are we to make of a book by a diagnosed sociopath that functions alternately as a warning against. Inside the mind of a sociopath health news florida. Confessions of a sociopath is both the memoir of a highfunctioning, lawabiding well, mostly sociopath and a roadmap right from the source for dealing with the sociopath in your life.

Thomas woman is professor jamie rebecca lund of st. The memoir of a highfunctioning, lawabiding well, mostly sociopath and a. This book did not read as genuine, had few insights or intelligent explanations into the authors supposed sociopathic behaviour and left me in doubt of whether m. Fetching the skimmer, she uses it to hold the animal underwater. All content included on our site, such as text, images, digital downloads and other, is the property of its content suppliers and protected by us and international laws. Thomas talks about al dunlap, the turnaround specialist, and his appearance in a book called the psychopath test, in order to explain guys like me who know that manipulation is. Jun 07, 20 thomas talks about al dunlap, the turnaround specialist, and his appearance in a book called the psychopath test, in order to explain guys like me who know that manipulation is leadership and. The author is a woman writing under the pseudonym of m. She describes in the book a few violent episodes and painful dysfunction, such as her father beating her and how he left punching marks on the.

A life spent hiding in plain sight, but although shes ready to educate the world on why sociopaths arent always bad people, she says shes not ready to reveal her true identity, so she is in disguise and. A gripping and important bookrevelatoryquite the memorable roller. Thomas is the creator of, a blog that was the seedling of this book. Quite the contrary, she is an accomplished attorney and law professor who writes regularly for major law journals, donates 10 percent of her income more about m. She recently wrote the book, confessions of a sociopath. Confessions of a sociopath is an astonishing memoir of a young woman with the pseudonym m. By the books final stretch thomass reminiscences of a. The only reason thomas has agreed to speak to me is because theres a chance to publicise her book confessions of a sociopath. Confessions of sociopath by me thomas i cant verify if shes a sociopath definitively because this is a selfreported account.

A life spent hiding in plain sight kindle edition by thomas, m. Thomas says of her fellow sociopaths, we are your neighbors, your coworkers. Thomas draws from her own experiences as a diagnosed. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading confessions of a sociopath. Michael cross, author of the freedom from conscience book series and host of unlock the door interviews m. Early on in the book you say, you know, i didnt have a bad childhood, i had a perfectly normal childhood. Nov 06, 2014 michael cross, author of the freedom from conscience book series and host of unlock the door interviews m.

Thomas, a pseudonym, reveals its author is a mormon sunday school teacher whos well liked by her law school students. Thomas who realised at a young age that she was different from her peers. The alleged professor shows up at the 29 second mark of the video below. The author is doing us a world of knowledge by letting us glimpse into her world and as a professor myself and admittedly being a vicim of the games the people play whom are known under all the catagories in the dsm this book gives me a better understanding of what i am dealng with. Phil is called confessions of the sociopath which is exactly the same title of the article from psychology today. Maybe thats why its so tempting to try to break other peoples. Thomas, author of confessions of a sociopath and a diagnosed sociopath herself, joined huffpost lives marc lamont hill to discuss her life experiences. As a healthy skepticism of mental health labeling grows, some people question whether sociopaths and psychopaths thomas is described in an evaluation as a socialized or successful. I am strategic and canny, intelligent and confident, but i also. Its blurred this time, but next time please make sure that you exclude any personally identifying information or any information that you wouldnt like made public so we dont have to blur it. Thomas, a diagnosed sociopath and author of confessions of a sociopath.

Thomas says of her fellow sociopaths, we are your neighbors, your coworkers, and quite possibly the people closest to you. Thomas, a selfconfessed sociopath, albeit a lawabiding one, nicely details the sociopaths risktaking, fearless, calculating and transactionoriented lifestyle. I say they because who knows if this author is even female. Thomass confessions of a sociopath is such an odd memoir. However, the whole book was such a drag that it was a struggle to finish it.

It is written by a pseudonymous author who is a lawyer and law professor. By her standards i am an empath because i can feel remorse. Thomas confessions of a sociopath, one of the inherent qualities of being a sociopath is having absolutely no interest in what others think of you. The biting memoir of a successful sociopath, from the pseudonymous thomas. Thomasis a diagnosed sociopath and the founder of sociopathworld. It is written by a high functioning sociopath, lawyer, and law professor. E download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc, phones or tablets.

Jul 08, 2014 the idea that everyone can relate to a sociopath is the undercurrent of confessions of a sociopath by m. Thomas, a diagnosed sociopath and author of confessions of a. May 14, 20 today a new book went on sale called, confessions of a sociopath. Although she doesnt want people to know her real name gee, i wonder. Thomas is a pseudonym, but it didnt take the internet long to figure out that the author of this book is actually most probably a woman named jamie rebecca lund, a former law professor at st. Ive always known that my heart is a little blacker and colder than most peoples. I think it would have been wiser of me to take the book in smaller doses, to break. A life spent hiding in plain sight is a book written by a female law professor under the pen name of m. Thomas tells us that she writes under a pseudonym because she fears that were she outed as a sociopath, it could hurt her professional career she is a professor of law and adversely affect some of her personal relationships.

The author is a lawyer, a teacher and a sociopathshe abjures psycho as a little too mucha fullblown example of antisocial personality behavior, with a pervasive pattern of disregard for and violation of the rights of othersnot in a legally criminal way but certainly capable of inflicting damage. Thomas a pseudonym is a selfconfessed sociopath, and she has written this memoir with the goal of educating the public about what its really like to be a sociopath. Confessions of a sociopath is part confessional memoir, part primer for the wary. But its being challenged by a new memoir, confessions of a sociopath. After a period of selfdestruction losing her job and enduring several failed relationships thomas sought therapy. M e thomas a highfunctioning noncriminal sociopath and author of confessions of a sociopath. This book is also full of contradictions and they just seem to make up things to suit the current topic of discussion. She also runs and regularly updates the blog both endeavors are about her life, which has largely been spent hiding who she really is from the rest of us. Jan 25, 20 the book is written in plain sight in factual references. The author of the article and book confessions of a sociopath is m.

Ms thomas is the pseudonym of a female law professor who is also a. Confessions of a sociopathpart confessional memoir, part primer for the curioustakes readers on a journey into the mind of a sociopath, revealing what makes them tick while debunking myths about sociopathy and offering a road map for dealing with the sociopaths in your life. There are a lot of questions i see here, and they are all answered in this book. Confessions of a sociopath exemplifies publishings continuing fascination with the blog phenomenon. Oct 22, 20 thomas just published a book called confessions of a sociopath. Thomas a pseudonym finds a baby opossum in her swimming pool. When you grow up as a girl, it is like there are faint chalk lines traced approximately three inches around your entire body at all times, drawn by society and often religion and family and particularly other women, who somehow feel invested in how you behave, as if your actions reflect directly on all womanhood. I am generally free of entangling and irrational emotions. Jun 19, 20 inside the mind of a sociopath the word sociopath often brings to mind criminals, killers, and people who are cruel and heartless. It is practically unheardof for a sociopath to write a memoir about being a sociopath, i mean. Aug 25, 2014 confessions of a sociopath, as the title suggests, is a memoir written by a selfproclaimed and supposedly clinically diagnosed sociopath. But thats not always so accurate sometimes theyre just ordinary people who may not even be aware of their behavioral differences. Thomas is a female highfunctioning sociopath, and this book looks at the different views and aspects of her life and how she handles situations and how she has navigated her way through life being a sociopath. Thomas, describing her upanddown life as a selfdiagnosed sociopath.

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